Invest In Your Child's Future

Learn how our tuition is helping your child learn and grow

Olive Tree School House offers an invaluable learning experience. We charge tuition so we can maintain our property, provide your child with healthy, organic meals and give them the best education possible. Our staff appreciates your continued contributions.

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Know what you're giving your child

Know what you're giving your child

Rest assured you're giving your child a first-rate education. Here's a breakdown of our prices and specials for The Olive Tree Montessori Day School:

  • Tuition is due on the fifth of each month.
  • We give a 5% discount for families who pay by trimester.
  • We offer a 10% discount for families who pay for the full year by August 15.

For our Child Embracement Program, we'll bill your insurance provider as a separate form of payment if you meet eligibility requirements. This way, you'll only be responsible for any remaining co-pays or deductibles. If your insurance won't cover tuition, ask us about our privacy payment option.

For ease of our families, Olive Tree School House has partnered with Kava Diem Organic Cafe ( for lunch and snack options. Kava Diem prepares all meals from scratch, using clean, fresh and organic ingredients.

Representatives from Kava Diem will be present at our orientation event to review pricing options, sample menus and more information on our lunch and snack program.

Contact Olive Tree School House today to learn more about our tuition and discounts.