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Embrace Your Child's Abilities

Help them grow by enrolling in our Child Embracement Program

The founders of Olive Tree School House have the ability and expertise to educate children who may require extra support, while offering these children the opportunity to learn alongside typically developing peers. Olive Tree blends the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis into the Montessori philosophy, allowing for all children to achieve optimal outcomes in the most efficient and therapeutic manner while ensuring its students develop an understanding and respect for all individuals of varying abilities.

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We'll give your child the best education possible

Olive Tree School House works simultaneously with parents and professionals to determine the appropriate placement for each child. Children placed in the Montessori Day School will be educated alongside typically developing peers under the guidance of the lead teacher and a trained assistant.

Children requiring additional supports may be enrolled in the Child Embracement Program. This program is designed to identify the specific skills necessary to fully integrate into a typical school environment. The child will be taught the necessary skills under the close supervision and guidance of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and will be provided a 1:1 or 1:2 teacher to child ratio to ensure efficient and effective acquisition of skills. Once appropriate, the child will be integrated into the Montessori Day School, with necessary assistance, to ensure the effective transfer of learned skills to the general education environment.

Our goal is to help your child:

  • Receive specialized support and education
  • Learn alongside typically developing peers
  • Grow and feed their hunger for knowledge
  • Have a happy, healthy childhood

Owners Lindsay Rice and Stephanie Beaulieu are Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBAs). They founded the Center for Behavior Intervention (CBI), a therapeutic clinic serving children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum in Mokena, Illinois. Under Lindsay and Stephanie's care, the children have displayed superior outcomes and can be transitioned into the less restrictive educational environment when appropriate.

Rely on us to further develop your child's abilities. Contact us today to discover how our school can benefit your child.