Unfortunately due to Covid, we're closed for the school year 2020-2021. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

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Each child has different needs. Traditional classrooms can’t always give children the dedicated attention and support they need to flourish. Olive Tree uniquely offers an organic setting, which embraces the true Montessori vision, including nature and all the beauty and inspiration that it provides. Olive Tree School House is designed to provide an individualized education that every child deserves. Owners Lindsay Rice and Stephanie Beaulieu saw a need for organic pre-school and early child development centers. They founded Olive Tree School House in Saint Charles, IL to help fill that need.

The word "olive tree" within many languages symbolizes "strength within the earth", "to shine and be brilliant" and "peace, harmony, and friendship".

At Olive Tree School House we teach each child in an indoor and outdoor environment in a small, one-on-one setting. Every child has unique abilities. We’ll teach them in a natural environment where they can be themselves and foster their love of learning. At Olive Tree, the education, confidence, and development of each child is paramount.

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Olive Tree's vision is to ensure a comfortable, home-like classroom and environment for each student. Our school house is located in a beautiful wooded cabin situated within 2.5-acres of wooded land in St. Charles, IL and contains an open-concept classroom with an abundance of natural light. Additionally, a large outdoor classroom and "outdoor work" areas serve the children for significant parts of each day (weather permitting).

Our Mission at Olive Tree School House

is to ignite a love for learning within the children we serve. Olive Tree provides a therapeutic and nurturing environment where children build and develop a respect for the natural earth, their social surroundings, and society as a whole, all while respecting and cherishing their inner selves.

9 reasons to enroll your child at Olive Tree School House

Your child will learn a variety of skills at Olive Tree School House. Here are nine reasons why we’re a good investment for their future:

  1. Lindsay and Stephanie are Board Certified Behavior Analysts, specializing in the treatment and education of children who require additional or specialized supports
  2. Our Lead teacher is a full member of American Montessori Society and certified to teach children ages 3-6 years
  3. Lindsay and Stephanie have over 30 years of combined educational experience.
  4. Our lead teacher has 18 years of experience teaching 3-6 year old children in Montessori classrooms.
  5. We focus on developing your child’s independence.
  6. We educated children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum in small one on one therapy rooms and integrate each child into Montessori Day School when appropriate
  7. We have outdoor classrooms, butterfly gardens and playgrounds.
  8. We have natural play areas that are filled with natural climbing structures
  9. Children will be served organic lunch and snack to provide them energy to grow and learn throughout the day

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Develop Your Child's Natural Strengths

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